Thursday, October 6, 2011

CRM 2011 Online Vs On-Premise.

In my previous article I have explained about CRM online and establishing connection with CRM 2011 online.

Now, I am going to explain about, Establishing connection with CRM 2011 On-Premise.

There is only one difference is that, here no need to pass device id credentials while creating proxy. Also instead of passing windows live credentials, we have to pass domain login id and password.

So, I have listed some of the basic differences between CRM 2011 online  Vs CRM 2011 On-Premise.

                                            Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Online    Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 On-Premise

Robust marketing, sales,
customer service features         Yes                                                   Yes

Integration with MS Office         Yes                                                   Yes

Customizations                        Yes                                                    Yes

Storage limit                            5 GB                                                  Unlimited

Database restore to
 certain date                           Not available                                       Allowed

Full Database export                No                                                     Yes

Offline synchronization with
 Outlook                                Yes                                                     Yes

Mobile device GUI support       Yes                                                     Yes

Maximum amount of custom
entities                                  200                                                  Unlimited

Maximum amount of custom
 workflows                            200                                                   Unlimited

Login Must use                     Windows LiveID                                  Domain Login

Minimal commitment            12 months                                         No

Payment method Monthly by
                                         credit card                                        Based on agreement

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