Thursday, June 2, 2011

What are the major distinctions between B2B and B2C marketing?

There are several clear distinctions that can be between the B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to consumer) marketing platforms. Although these two categories make use of the somewhat similar marketing programs that include internet marketing, direct customer marketing, advertising, among other media, however, B2B and B2C differs in the execution of these programs and the result of the marketing activities. Both these marketing techniques employ the same initial steps in developing a marketing strategy.

On the basis of the relationship building marketing efforts, B2B marketing openly caters one business to another business, thus, maximizing the value of the business relationship. Most Indian importers, exporters, and suppliers follow the B2B marketing approach, although some also employ B2C approach as well.

The other point of difference in both these approaches is that while B2C features a large target market, single step buying process and shorter sales cycle. Many manufacturers and wholesalers with B2C focus on merchandising and point of buying activities including coupons, displays and store fronts. So, you can say that basically any business that offers a retail product to the public comes under this type. The Online B2B Portals is helpful for the Indian manufacturers, wholesalers, exporters and suppliers connect with global buyers and importers. These B2B portals enable traders to create an account with them and find new trade partners, business leads, trade shows, hot deals, latest buying requirements and much, much more.

For both B2B and B2C marketing, having a strong brand presence is crucial. However in B2C marketing, the brand encourages the shopper to purchase, remain loyal and potentially pay a higher price. With B2B, it will only help you be considered, not essentially selected. Also, the buyer's emotional view on the purchase is the bottom line of these two markets. Since consumers make purchasing decisions on the basis of security, status, quality and comfort, and a business buyer will make a buying decision on the basis of increasing profitability, reducing costs and enhancing productivity.

In the B2B marketing or the business marketing, both the buyers and sellers are the business owners. The product is not sold to the final user in this type of marketing. The term B2C or Business to Consumer refers to transactions between a business and end-user. You local retail stores are an example of this type of marketing. Another example can be an e-commerce website selling products or services to individuals from around the world.

With B2B, there is a multi-step buying process and longer sales cycle. While B2C marketing focuses on a group or target consumer in order to disclose, sell or market services or goods to the community. Its ultimate aim is to change shoppers into buyers as forcefully and constantly as possible. B2C is product driven and maximizes the value of the transaction. It usually provides in-house service or maintenance software networks for other organizations to exploit so as to lift marketing, sales, profits and efficiency. For example the marketing sites those targets business holders, decision makers and managers.

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